This webinar was the 2nd in the Feed Series that leads to VIV Europe 2022 from May 31-June 2. It had four Dutch Poultry Centre members who discussed which are the key factors for future-proof poultry production. Zooming in, which possibilities are to make poultry production future-proof by means of feed?

VIV Europe organized it along with Dutch Poultry Centre and the two had put together their expertise and global network in poultry to stage a fruitful session. Here, 4 speakers had shed light on how precision feeding can reduce feed costs, and how additives contribute to healthier and more efficient feed. The session was hosted by VIV worldwide and Dutch Poulty Centre with moderator Jan Hulzebosch.

Date: March 10, 2022

Organized by:


Total duration: 1 hour

Panel discussion led by the moderator


Stakeholders in primary poultry production and DPC/ VIV Europe visitors database are especially invited to this program.
The webinar will serve as a platform for exchange of ideas, innovations and know-how relevant to the industry.



After high school, Jan Hulzebosch studied animal husbandry at Aeres University of Applied Sciences in Dronten (NL) with the specialization in poultry husbandry. In 1979 at Barneveld College he was the specialist in housing, equipment and climate control of poultry. In this period, he visited many poultry farms in Holland and in many other countries around the world. In 2008, he moved to a German company named Salmet that deals in designing, selling, producing, and installing layer and broiler projects worldwide. In 2016, he was project manager for Salmet for the installation of a broiler project of 30 houses with broilers on cages in Zhanjiang ( China) For CP.
In 2017 he started his own company:  Dutch Poultry Management Support.  (DPMS).
Where he supports governments, organizations and companies on the area of poultry production.

One of his activities is relations manager of the Dutch Poultry Centre. A network organization with more than 100 members all active in the poultry industry worldwide. Together these companies can supply everything  what is needed on the area of poultry production.

If you have any questions regarding any topic that was discussed in the webinar, please write to Mr. Hulzebosch at j.hulzebosch@poultrycentre.nl.


From 1983 till 1988 Mrs.van Vuure studied Animal Science at the University of Wageningen. Her specialisation was Animal Nutrition and Feed technology.

She started working as an animal nutritionist for Hendrix’ voeders in Boxmeer in January 1989. Her focus was on raw material evaluation for the use in pig, poultry and ruminant compound feed. In 1996 she started at Cebeson (later changed into Rendac and since 2001 further extended their business under the name Sonac) as corporate quality manager and nutritionist. Regulatory affairs was always part of the responsibilities. She is further member of the standing technical committee of EFPRA (European Fat Processors and Rendering Association), representing the company in EAPA (EU Blood processors) and in EFFPA (European Former Foodstuffs Processors Association).

Her current responsibilities at Darling Ingredients International Rendering & Specialties (Rendac, Sonac, Ecoson) consists of: Nutritionist including R&D, and Regulatory Affairs with the focus on the Animal By-products, TSE, Food hygiene, Feed Hygiene and labelling Regulation


35 years of experience in international animal production chain. After obtaining a BSc degree in animal production, Wim Beeks career started in international integrated poultry production with important focus areas in nutrition, breeding, husbandry, slaughtering and processing. After completing his Food & Agri MBA study at the University of Wageningen in 2004, Beeks continued his career in sales & marketing positions in the international animal feed additives and ingredients business. As from May 1, 2021, he is responsible for the Sales & Consultancy Team and MT member at SFR (Schothorst Feed Research).


Brecht Bruneel graduated from the university of Ghent, Belgium, as master in biochemistry and biotechnology with a major in microbiology. Soon after graduation he joined Orffa, a feed additive company with global presence. During his role as junior quality and innovation manager he learned about the ins and the outs of the feed & feed additive business. He applied this knowledge during his 4-year role as Central Technical Manager, traveling the world. Being responsible for a number of in-house developed products called “Excentials”. Organic selenium, emulsifiers and (myco)toxin binders were of main interest. Nowadays, he fulfils his role as Innovation Manager exploring new innovative ways to feed the animals of the future and ensure a steady flow of new products to the market.


Dr. Laura Star studied Animal Science at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. After completing her graduate studies, she pursued a Doctorate in Animal Science, also at Wageningen University. After completing her doctorate, Dr. Laura Star started to work at Schothorst Feed Research as researcher on poultry nutrition, with focus on nutrition for layer birds. Dr. Laura Star has been a researcher with Schothorst Feed Research for 13 years now. In addition to her research work at Schothorst, she started four years ago as professor at Aeres University of Applied Sciences on the subject ‘Precision Feeding and Sustainable Poultry Farming’. Besides, she joined the team of Poultry Expertise Centre when she was appointed at Aeres University of Applied Sciences.