We want to add value to your experience through an exclusive matchmaking program. The matchmaking program gives you the opportunity to find participants based on your interest, locate investment opportunities and forge lucrative partnerships.

Of the 25000 visitors heading to the show of 2022, you would want to focus on those that are most likely to match with your products and services. Making meaningful meetings with attendees who are relevant to you is the reason why VIV Europe is the top-quality event for the animal protein industry. Greatly benefit from this opportunity in sharing and exchanging knowledge and innovations of the industry. 

A Powerful Extension to your physical showcase.
Beyond physical boundaries; more leads for exciting yields!

V-Connect Europe Edition is a digital platform with an advanced matching tool that will spare you the headache of finding promising leads to focus on at your booth.

The combination of V-Connect Europe Edition digital platform and the VIV Europe in-person event, makes it a hybrid experience, which means more leads to reach.

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