Before the VIV Europe 2022 show, a number of engaging and interesting webinars are lined up to bring useful industry insights to the fore. In collaboration with the partners of VIV Europe, a selected number of online previews will be given, addressing important industry topics which are to be further elaborated during VIV Europe. Keep watching this space for upcoming seminars and online registration.  


On the road to VIV Europe 2022, VIV worldwide and its partners GDF, Orange Pig, DPC and Perendale/ International Aquafeed organize four webinars covering strategies to future-proof food production for Poultry, Dairy, Swine and Aquaculture. These are important industry topics, which are to be further elaborated during the in-person VIV Europe 2022 from May 31- June 2.
These webinars will have notable people from within the industry to share their knowledge, technical know-how and innovations. It can lead to meaningful interactions that can result in business leads and future connections.



DPC (Dutch Poultry Centre), partner of VIV worldwide, kicked off the VIV Europe 2022 FEED SERIES by organizing a webinar about feed security & yield, health & welfare and feed & environment. Their inspiring speakers pitched solutions and joined the panel discussion.
Date: 15 June, 2021
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