15 JUNE 2021

DPC (Dutch Poultry Centre), partner of VIV worldwide, kicked off the VIV Europe 2022 FEED SERIES by organizing a webinar about feed security, health and environment. Their inspiring speakers pitched solutions and joined the panel discussion. 
Date: 15 June, 2021

Feed security
Feed formulation fulfills an essential role by providing additional resources for higher yields and productivity in food, as well as to balance imports and adapt to local production circumstances.

Healthy animals, healthy humans. Feed formulations hold the key to: a better prevention from animal diseases (and eventually zoonosis), less(er) use of anti biotics, boosting higher yields and not in the least: animal welfare.

Commodities for feed production and feed formulations contribute significantly in reaching sustainability goals: (commodity) production methods & transportation, (carbon dioxide  and ammonia) emissions, land use and water management.  



Joost Sparla

Marketing & Technical Director Poultry at ForFarmers

My career started in pig genetics in the Dutch pig breeding market. After 4 years I moved to the premix/feed industry and had several roles at Provimi/Cargill in a timeframe of over 19 years. Started in a technical nutritional role in swine and poultry. Over time 100% poultry orientated. Responsible for development of new concepts, services and products. Supported customers (feed mills, integrators, farms) in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Russia and Asia Pacific.

2010 till 2014: leading the technical poultry team in EMEA, developing and execute the poultry strategy, develop and roll out concepts, services and products.
2014-2016: technology manager at Cargill/Provimi, leading the technical swine, ruminant and poultry team and formulation department.
Since September 2016: Marketing & Technical Director Poultry at ForFarmers. In this role I am responsible for the poultry nutrition, innovation and strategic marketing over the countries where ForFarmers is active (Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom and Poland).

Alla Levchenko

Global Poultry Specialist at Trouw Nutrition

Having over 15 years of experience in poultry production and feed manufacturing as a poultry nutritionist I have enjoyed being a part of a dynamic and technically demanding industry and seeing the fast advancements over this period.

In my current role at Trouw Nutrition I look after developing and implementation of the portfolio of poultry digital solutions globally, and today I  would like to bring to your attention the subject of relevance of utilizing the power of data collection and analysis in the daily operations of poultry producers.

Ruwan Berculo – moderator

Senior advisor VIV worldwide business development.

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