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Meggsius Connect is a cloud-based software platform that turns data retrieved from various Meggisus devices into valuable insights that can help you to even better understand the performance of your birds and guide your decision-making process across the full production chain.

Think of how unique it would be if you could get an exact overview of the number of eggs that came out of each house and even more important if you could know the exact distribution across the houses and the exact location in a house from where the eggs came from. This could help you understand for instance bird distribution, uniformity of climate conditions, even bird behavior or technical issues. If you could combine this data with data generated by the Meggsius Select you could unlock never before seen information. Data regarding egg quality could even tell you from which specific spot in the house a particular egg with specific characteristics came from.

At the Vencomatic Group, our ambition is to go even further and develop ways to connect to any device, developing databased predictive algorithms that will support you even further on the road to autonomously running poultry houses.

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