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The growth of the bones of broiler chickens is important for their well-being. Due to recent changes in the European legislation an organic source of calcium and phosphorus became again available. Next to effects on well-being, it also fits seamlessly in the current need to have a circular poultry production.

CollaPhos is a phosphorus source from organic origin which originates from carefully sourced animal bones out of which both collagen and CollaPhos are produced. CollaPhos has a high level of available and digestible phosphorus and calcium, which are present in the optimal ratio.
In this hydroxyapatite crystal, which is the naturally occurring mineral form, calcium and phosphorus are still embedded in the collagen matrix which supports their biological value. This makes CollaPhos very suitable to help to prevent and restore suboptimal bone health in young broilers.

Tibia strength and thickness significantly improved in a broiler study. Further minerals (macro and trace) from organic origin resulted in offspring from slower-growing broiler breeder in improved body weight and tibia characteristics.*
* Bahadır Can Güz ; PhD Thesis ”Healthy Bones for Broiler Chickens” 326 pages; Wageningen University, Wageningen, The Netherlands (2022)

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