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Plasson has designed an integral solenoid in its Line Head units that enables easy flushing. The flushing is programmed and managed through a controller or an App on your smart phone.
Over the past two years, 15,000 regulators with automatic flushing solenoids have been installed.

System Advantages:

• Flushing is programmed and managed using an App on your smart phone.
• Economical solution requiring no wiring and minimal set-up
• Fresh water for the birds
• Cooler water in hot climate and during brooding
• Removal of deposits and bacteria from the Nipple lines
• Improved system longevity
• Labor saving
• Improved bird performance

Plasson Auto Flushing is available in two configurations:
Wired auto flushing system: solenoids are wired to a controller – either the main house one or Plasson dedicated flushing controller.

Flush Control – Wireless Auto Flushing system: solenoids are operated via an App on a smart phone

• Economical solution requiring no wiring and minimal set-up
• Automated pre-planned flushing schedule
• System programming is done by a free and easy-to-use App (English, Portuguese, or Spanish)
• Bluetooth operated
• Maintenance free
• up to 5 different flushing programs
• Flushing according to temperature or time
• Flushing up to 6 times per day.

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