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Whether your flock consists of broilers, breeders, layers or even a different species of poultry, calcium is essential for a good performance. We can provide you with a highly soluble, sustainable and scientifically proven Ca source which improve performance. Celtimin 2-5 is a calcareous marine algae which is sustainably harvested near the coasts of Iceland.

While the fine version has been proven to enhance growth and bone strength in broilers, we now introduce a course product especially for the use in mash diets to provide a more slow-release Ca source with a higher solubility as regular limestone.

Celtimin 2-5 improves laying percentage, reduces downgraded eggs, lowers mortality and prolongates the laying cycle. In older hens it was shown that it improves the eggshell quality while maintaining laying percentage so the hens can be kept in production for a longer period. There are also indications that keel bone fractures can be reduced with the use of Celtimin 2-5 which has a high occurrence in the laying sector. You will not only increase animal performance but also the financial results.

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