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Following the very successful EggsCargoSystem® for chicken eggs, GI OVO has now developed the EggsCargoSystem XL. This system is especially designed for the transport of duck and turkey eggs.
It consists of a tray which is designed for 20 eggs that offers maximum comfort and protection to the eggs. Besides it contains a pallet with the dimensions 120×90 cm. These pallets are exactly matched to 12 stacks of trays per row. Finally, the system consists of a divider. This divider makes the use of empty trays on top of the stacks unnecessary.

The stacks of eggs can also be slid over the divider instead of having to be placed on the top. That makes the work much lighter and faster. The system can be build up to 5 rows containing 7,200 eggs per pallet.

The entire system can also be picked up and unpacked with robots. All parts of the EggsCargoSystem XL are made of durable plastic with an anti-aging additive.
GI OVO can supply the system in almost all RAL colors and provided with customer-specific inscriptions. All this for indication to the user. The EggsCargoSystem XL is the perfect solution for the damage-free transport of duck and turkey eggs.

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