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iHotraco Farm Data collects and organizes all farm data automatically, reliably and securely, using the latest data sharing technology. It provides a complete data set that is centrally stored in a standardized format, easily retrieved for management dashboards.

iHotraco Farm Data enables farmers to monitor and share their data efficiently. It works with any third-party dashboard, providing the complete and reliable data set needed to safely draw conclusions. Allowing farmers to make their farms more efficient and profitable.

By collecting data automatically, the system also eliminates the need for manual entry of livestock charts or CSV exports. The reliability and completeness of iHotraco ensure that data is stored even without internet.
The system encrypts all data before it is uploaded and stored according to the highest security standards. This allows farmers to securely share data with other parties. But only if they want to, as farmers always remain in control of their own data.

In the coming years, smart farming will grow exponentially. iHotraco Farm Data is created to collect data in the exact way this revolution calls for and helps farmers take their next steps to the future of farming.

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