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We all know that a trough cleaning of the poultry housing in between rounds is essential to reduce pathogen pressure on the new flock and prevent cross contamination.
Cleaning the drinking and feeding lines is one of the essential tasks to optimise hygiene before a new round, but also one of the most physically demanding.

Manually cleaning the drinking & feeding pans with a pressure washer is a physically demanding task that is also very time consuming. Moreover, the pans have lots of corners where dirt can gather, these are hard to reach and can be difficult to clean perfectly. It’s not strange then that employees aren’t standing in line to carry out this job.

The MS AviCleaner changes this completely. The system fully automates the pressure cleaning of drinking & feeding lines.

The MS AviCleaner pressure washes the lines perfectly from every angle, is easy to operate and it is FAST.
● Cleans from every angle
● Saves time, much faster than manual cleaning
● Easy & fun to operate
● Relieves employees of manual labour
● Guaranteed clean result
Heavy duty cleaning in poultry farms is now the easiest task in cleaning between rounds.

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