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Broiler Breeder Watering Concept:
Featuring Dedicated Male and Female Drinker Lines with
Gender Specific Big Z Drinkers.

Ziggity’s Big Z Broiler Breeder watering system addresses the height difference between male and female broiler breeders. Because male broiler breeders are much taller than their female counterparts, their separate and dedicated drinker lines are positioned much higher off the floor while the female dedicated lines are positioned much lower.

This gender dedicated setup means that both males and females can efficiently obtain all the hygienic water they need as their dedicated drinkers are positioned at the correct height for HEADS-UP DRINKINGTM that minimizes or eliminates spillage. And that means less ammonia release, better bird welfare and a more productive environment.

Production Benefits:
• Improved Male Uniformity
• Reduction in male mortality
• Less male spiking required
• Increased hatching eggs per hen housed
• Increased hatchability for more chicks per hen housed
• Fewer floor eggs in scratch area
• Improved bird welfare

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