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SmartSense™: a major breakthrough in developing the hatchery of the future.
Imagine a future in which connected, autonomous incubators effortlessly hatch the highest number of best-quality chicks. Royal Pas Reform brings that scenario a significant step closer with SmartSense™ adaptive embryonic incubation – a new series of fully connected, data-driven incubators that reliably ‘sense’ the changing needs of the growing embryo.

Besides using pre-determined incubation programs for day-old chicks, SmartSense™ also evaluates and meets the current requirements of the embryo in each specific incubator section. We call this ‘Adaptive Embryonic Incubation™’ (AEI™).

SmartSense’s™ industry leading, precise climate control – based on air temperature, relative humidity and CO2, – now has a next generation series of intelligent, high-accuracy sensors in the SmartSense™ trolley. These constantly and non-invasively measure temperature, together with trolley weight loss and heart rate averages (both available soon).
The result is that the incubator can automatically adapt the environmental conditions to the actual needs of the growing embryos, further optimizing uniformity and maximizing post-hatch performance.

The full SmartSense™ incubation series comprises the SmartSense™ setter and SmartSense™ hatcher, combined with the SmartSense™ trolley, SmartSense™ interface and SmartCenterPro™ hatchery management system.

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