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Fancom offers a special Fantura tunnel inlet with unique features. Thanks to its patented design, the incoming air does not drop directly onto the animals. The animals benefit from the cooling effect of the airflow without noticing disruptive effects.

What makes the Fantura tunnel inlet unique is the way it opens. The panels slide over each other from top to bottom. This gradually opens the inlet and the air flow in the house slowly increases. The opening action, combined with the inlet’s unique shape, makes the tunnel inlet ideal for minimum ventilation. A jet stream bundles the incoming air for a better throw that directs the air straight to the ridge of the building.

With a capacity of 38,000m³, the tunnel inlet delivers a top performance. The inlet is airtight, well insulated and perfectly resistant to weather influences and the aggressive substances in the air inside the house. The robust design and high air capacity ensure years of trouble-free operation.
All Fantura air inlet systems feature the special patented inlet design. Without the cold drop the manure remains dry and prevents leg problems. Animals stay healthy and perform better. In addition, the consistent growth conditions promote uniformity.

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