Recovery and what comes next…

The Poultry Marketing Roundtable (PMRT), established in 2019, aims to put together theoretical academics, technicians, poultry producers, governors, and end consumers around one single table.

Vision: Marketing difficulties and ideas are as endless as time. PMRT will go through all the achievements and the problems related to Marketing Poultry Products, from the producers to the farmers and from the farmers to the end consumers. Our vision is to share ideas, operations, regulations, and instructions aiming towards a Win-Win situation between the producers and the consumers.

Highlights of the session:
Crisis Management and the Road to Recovery: How can the European Industry Reposition itself?
What’s next for business strategies and use of capital to ensure organizations are viable, healthy and growing.

Contact: Mark Clements, MClements@wattglobal.com
Ghassan Sayegh, editing@meap.net
Date: 31 May 2022 (Tuesday – Day 1)
Time: 14:30 – 18:00 hrs
Location: Jaarbeurs Exhibition centre | Room – Polar

Organised by:


Executive and Senior Management from the poultry supply chain in Europe, UK, and the Middle East – producers (broilers/layers), breeders, commercial supplier companies, consultants, researchers, and academia.


14:30 hrs
Registration & coffee 

15:00-15:10 hrs
Welcome Greeting and Introduction

15:10-15:50 hrs
Keynote messages

François Cadudal – Independent consultant – Poultry Meat Market Economy
Vincent Guyonnet – Independent consultant – Table Eggs Market
John Kirkpatrick – Tesco – A retail view
Nan-Dirk Mulder – Rabobank – Economic and financing overview

15:50-16:00 hrs
Chairs of the Round Tables: Coffee break and discussion groups formation

16:00-17:00 hrs
The ROUND TABLE DEBATES – break out table discussions with all attendees

17:00-17:40 hrs
Presentation summaries of each Round Table

17:40-18:00 hrs
Final conclusions, Actions and Remarks