A livestock feed more sustainable

Insects, the future challenge.

28 September, 2022


The complete interview conducted with the company during the VIV Europe 2022 exhibit.

Sometimes, the answer to the biggest questions lies within the smallest things. That’s what PROTIX tells us according to their insect-based nutrition.

After continuously looking for better solutions on both product and production technology, they have gained a market leadership position by using the ingredient of the future: insects.

The black soldier fly (hermetia illucens) is a key player in bringing their vision to life: their larvae provide us with a unique source of protein for food and feed! With high-tech solutions, artificial intelligence, genetic improvement programs and robotics, Protix brings the food system back in balance with nature.


The complete interview conducted with the company during the VIV Europe 2022 exhibit.

Due to the pandemic and the uncertainty whether visitors would find their way to the show, VDL Groep started their participation at VIV Europe without expectations.
With the launch of their feeding machines for insects in 2020 they have something to show for in this newly growing insect market. And they did so successfully, with two busy first days hosting a good mix of existing clients and farmers and new types of clients. Generating a lot of interest in the insect feeding machine.

As far as innovations go, they feel that most innovations can be found in the further development of existing products and systems.

At VDL Agrotech the other new developments focus on the increased convenience for the farmer on a day to day basis and at the same time increasing animal welfare.

With Jansen Poultry Equipment being added to the VDL Agrotech family since January this year, VDL Jansen premieres at VIV Europe. With this strategic move, a great step is made onto a certain and confident future strengthening the position in the agricultural sector.