Zonvarken (UK: Solar Pig) is a cooperation of farmers with a revolutionary pig farm. The Zonvarken farm combines maximum animal welfare with minimum emissions of carbon dioxide, ammonia, particulates and odour.
A pig is the ultimate recycling animal. Zonvarken pigs are fed with 100% residual and return flows from human food. Even small residual flows that previously would have ended up in a fermenter are used by Zonvarken. In this way, Zonvarken helps to reduce food waste and the pigs do not compete with humans for food that is also suitable for human consumption.

Circular feed
As stated above, we prepare ‘circular feed’ for our Zonvarken pigs entirely from residues and returns of human food. The only requirements we set for this is that our pigs are healthy and that the feed does not affect the taste of the meat.

Meat with taste
Meat from the Zonvarken pigs is tender, dark and full of flavour. The taste of the meat is positively influenced by: breed choice, feed choice, physical exercise and the prevention of stress. Our pigs grow more gradually and have darker meat with slightly more intramuscular fat. The feed our pigs receive contains no bitter substances and this contributes to a pleasant taste. The Feed is produced in a Voerwaarts feed factory and made with FeedValid ingredients. In short: Zonvarken pigs are fed with residual streams from human food. Exactly as pigs used to be fed with leftovers of human food.

More information: booth: 09.D004