In the last decades the agricultural industry has evolved rapidly. A change that will continue as we have seen that our livestock is continuously facing new challenges. The natural balance of our livestock, that is controlled in the gut, has become disturbed and out of balance. This disbalance makes it difficult to refuel the inner engine. The engine that normally produces vital components which help the animal overcome challenges. Animal resilience is pressurized.

sana novum is a group of specialists that knows what livestock needs to become resilient. Its members hold many years of practical experience in livestock farming. With our novel view on animal health and resilience we have decided to take a different path. A path that led us to research the power of nature.

We wondered: “If nature has always found a way to adapt to the world around us – what if nature holds the solution to support animal resilience?”. Now, after three years of scientific research, and with the first practical results coming in, we are ready to take you with us on this journey.   

At sana novum we do things differently, we use nature to fuel the inner engine – the gut.

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