The “Round Egg” is a circular chain concept, developed in the Foodvalley region in the center of the Netherlands. In this project a team of supply chain partners work together to create a new circular egg concept, based on insects. This it how it works; black soldier flies are bred on residual flows from a regionally organized chain. The maggots from the BSF are fed to the laying hens of a poultry farmer in collaboration with a feed manufacturer. The eggs are delivered via a participating packing station to a catering company. They supply the eggs via the short chain to institutions and other customers who want to work on ‘circular procurement’. In a next phase, these customers will return waste streams as a breeding ground for the black soldier fly. In this unique co-creation concept five companies working together to form a new, sustainable and circular supply chain in the region, that benefits all.

The ‘Round egg’ is not only the end product, but also the connecting key for starting circular and scalable concepts in the region, due to the vision of Glocal Farming; Local innovations, global inspiration.

The initiator of the Round Egg concept is the HubOrange foundation! Also the organizer of the Inspiration Area at hall 9 where you can find the booth of The Round Egg and HubOrange/GlocalFarming.

The Round Egg: booth 09.E007
HubOrange!/Glocal Farming: booth 09.E001