The Poultry Expertise Centre (PEC) focuses on the development and diffusion of knowledge and innovations. Our projects address issues in the international poultry industry, such as emission reduction, alternative proteins in feed and welfare issues. Our partnerships help us to advance our innovation mission and to translate results from innovations to the industry, communities, and policy makers who can best use that new knowledge. The different activities are carried out as projects. Depending on the subjects the government, companies and knowledge institutions work together.

PEC is a partnership between companies, government bodies and educational institutions, all working in or involved with the poultry industry. Within PEC the expertise from education, research and the business community is united and transferred to entrepreneurs and young professionals working in the poultry industry (national and international). Topicality and innovation are key factors in this.

We are committed to healthy poultry farming in the Netherlands and in the world, based on a strong and positive ecological and economic profile. PEC profiles itself in the areas of education, research and innovation, with PEC acting as a switching point for these three core activities. PEC is the driving force behind these activities, does not implement it itself, but organizes it with its partners and in its network. “We’re involved in the early stages of innovation. Inventors invent, companies bring those inventions to market, and we’re the missing link between those stages. ‘Within education, new courses and e-learning modules are being developed in the field of poultry. Within the research, practice-oriented research and fundamental research are linked to accelerate innovation. The use of students within the research stimulates the level of knowledge within the poultry training.

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