FR Analytics is specialized in data research, modelling & statistics, forecasting, and optimization. We look at traditional livestock feed-, growth-, disease-, and medical models. By adding artificial intelligence knowledge and machine learning operations (MLops), intelligent data-driven solutions become available for research, health & welfare, production, and environment. To support farmers reach their goals, we help them design new test scenarios, monitor & control their farm, predict & prevent unwanted scenarios, and assess & optimize influential factors. The data is being processed by FarmResult´s data pipelines.

With our data models and expert analysis, predictions can be made about the growth of animals, disease spreading, nutrition efficiency and much more.

Our tailored data models are created to learn and adapt to situations, so analysis and forecasting can become more precise. 

Our purpose is to make analytics work for you and support decision-making, not take over decision-making. The objective needs to be derived from your current and future needs. Collecting, integrating, and showing data is rarely enough to support decision-making as the data needs to be made readable, interpretable, and trustworthy. Our solutions are especially designed for integrations, but just as useful for individuals.

More information: booth: 09.B005