SOMMEN, FarmersNet and Farmer System have formed a unique partnership. All three are focused on farmers, and each has a specialized but interrelated approach towards Farm Data: Farmers Back in Control!

FarmersNet:  We manage Farm Data
FarmersNet aspires to provide farmers with a stronger data position by facilitating hassle-free data exchange and data analysis at farm level. FarmersNet aims to connect farmers so they can stand stronger together in the face of large agricultural corporations. Data can now be used to generate profit at the farmer level through shared database management and data analysis.

SOMMEN:  We share Farm Data
SOMMEN has been delivering technical solutions to the agricultural sector and industry for generations. SOMMEN’s inventive nature, technical scalability and ability to connect and develop ‘outside the box’ solutions in complex environments make the company the missing link in the success of community-based initiatives.

Farmer System:  We analyse Farm Data
Farmer System is the independent farmer-friendly data solution. Farmer System aims to empower farmers by enabling farmers to link information from various data sources into their own ‘Data Safe’.

More information: booth 09.B001/B002/B003
www.sommen.nl, www.farmersnet.org,