Dr.FERM is THE knowhow partner for developing & implementing microbial fermentation concepts in animal protein production systems. Our concepts are used in diets of pigs, poultry, ruminants, aqua, and insects.

Microbial fermentation is a 100% natural process, and applicable at farms and feed mills. The power of microbes in combination with enzymes, results in an increase of solvability and digestibility of important nutrients like protein, amino acids, NSP, and phosphor. Practice proves that input of feed/nutrients can be lowered up to 8%.

Microbial fermentation results in a huge multiplication of healthy lactic acid bacteria and production of lactic acid resulting in pH below 4.0. These factors improve gastro-intestinal health, making microbial fermentation the ideal alternative for high dosage of Zinc-Oxide and use of antibiotics.

Microbial fermentation is the ideal technology to reduce the CO2 footprint and increase the use of circular feedstuffs and GMO-free protein feedstuffs. In combination with the European Green Deal, fermentation is an absolute must for both conventional and organic farms to use European protein feedstuffs. Microbial fermentation results in an efficient and stable breakdown Anti-Nutritional Factors without heating. Therefore, farmers can cold-press their oilseeds.

Microbial fermentation is THE ANSWER for many challenges in animal protein production.

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