The Netherlands 31 mei - 2 juni
World Expo from feed to food

International week of smart food production

VIV Europe 2018 is at the centre of a full week of business events happening at the Jaarbeurs Exhibition Centre. Each event is designed for global agri-food industries producers applying smart methods to improve efficiency, quality and sustainability. Therefore "Sharing Data = Better Poultry" is a central feature of VIV Europe 2018. The reasons to attend the whole week are countless, with so many intereseting events under one roof!

The first International Week of Smart Food Production consists of five top level events:
1. GFIA Europe
2. VIV Europe 2018
3. European Halal Expo
4. Proagrica - Future Farming Theatre
5. SFP College Tour

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acitivity overview viv europe

Activity Overview VIV Europe 2018

VIV Europe 2018 offers a wide and diverse range during the show in terms of networking, learning programs and entertainment. The Activity Overview gives a clear indication of the entire program from 19-22 June 2018 divided by the organizers VIV Europe, Kip van Oranje, Publishers and World Cup Football. 

  1. Wednesday 20 June – focus on Primary Sector
  2. Thursday 21 June – focus on Food and Retail
  3. Friday 22 June – focus on Young Talent 

Download the Activity Overview