Innovations at VIV Europe

VIV Europe strives to be a platform for innovations: products, systems, research and processes that have a positive and ground breaking view on the industry's future. At VIV Europe 2014 these were presented in the Innovation Gallery: a showcase of 43 innovations from exhibitors, of which several were presented for the very first time at an international exhibition. A wonderful selection of the revolutionary possibilities in the industry!

VIV Europe Innovation Awards 2014
All innovations that were presented in the Innovation Gallery were automatically nominated for one of the VIV Europe Innoviation Awards. On Thursday May 22nd the winners of the VIV Europe Innovation Awards 2014 were announced.

Marel Stork winner Innovation Award 
Marel Stork Poultry Processing
The new reference in whole product distribution


HatchTech winner Innovation Award
Hatchtech B.V.
HatchCare basket and HatchCare tray - hatch chicks under optimal and uniform temperature conditions


Kemin winner Innovation Award 
Kemin Europa N.V.
Lipid Evaluation Test


Hotraco Agri winner Innovation Award
Hotraco Agri B.V. 
Fortica poultry computer

The following companies and innovations were also nominated:

AB Vista
Quantum Blue - the revolutionairy new phytase

AgriLamp TM
ALIS Tube - the simplest, safest and most energy-efficient lighting solution

Big Dutchman International GmbH
FlexVey PUR - the new conveying system for the supply of feed

Blendhub S.L.U.
Portable Powder Blending Factory (PPB)

Buhler Group
- Kubex T Pellet Mill, built by feedmillers for feed millers

Dolav Benelux B.V.
Dolav Ace

Dorset Green Machines B.V.
Pollochar - concentrated fertilizer

Fancom B.V.
Fantura air inlet system

Ferrer HealthTech (Interquim, S.A.)
BioflavEx, the natural stabilizer - Flavonoids as natural plant extracts

Foodmate B.V.  
MAXIMA 2.0 Breast Cab Deboner

Geohellas S.A.
Attapulgite based products

Henke-Sass, Wolf GmbH
- HSW Eco-Matic, automatic self-filling syringe
- Pneumatic vaccinator

Impex Barneveld B.V.
- Innovation starts with research I
- Innovation starts with research II

Impextraco N.V.

Ingenieria Avicola S.L
Process for adding value to restricted eggs

Intracare B.V.
Intra Repiderma - antibiotic free skin spray

Jansen Poultry Equipment
Emission reduction with sparing use of energy

Jansen Techniek Putten B.V.
JSC Checkweger - weighing products in a humide production environment

Moba B.V.
Omnia PX - ultilmate hygiene in egg packing


Olba Holland

Technoglogy of robotized harvesting of birds

Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies
Smartcount - Visionary chick counting system

Ridder Drive Systems B.V. 
Ridder LogicDrive - Plug-and-play 24 Volts solution for ventilation purposes

Steggcal® F

Improve your breeder production

Speerstra Feed Ingredients B.V.
SynGenX - all natural fermentation-based feed material

Stienen BE
AeroSolution - climate control

Topkip B.V.
ODIGOS - head only stunning system

Twinpack B.V.
Eggyplay - The world's most amusing egg box

VC999 Packaging Systems Benelux
Speedy Breedy

VDL Agrotech
- Valènta, multifunctional feeding pan
- Windstreek, sustainable chicken farms

Viscon B.V.
Vinovo Select Line - the next generation in ovo vaccination

Vostermans Ventilation B.V. Multifan 
Multifan Fiberglass Cone Fan Line