VIV Europe presentations

An important part of the programme at VIV Europe 2014 was the wide variety of presentations. A selection:

Rabobank & VIV Grand Eve

>> High-productive and efficient agriculture: a sustainable approach? - Dr. Aalt A. Dijkhuizen


ABN AMRO (in Dutch)

>> Ketenproductie: in concept naar consument - Wilbert Hilkens, ABN AMRO



>> Improving Feed Mill Efficiency - Paul Koomen, Selko Feed Additives

>> Processing upgrading of new raw materials - Dinnissen Process Technology

>> Flexible feed formulation & production - Karel Vervaet, Bestmix/Adifo


>> GMP+ certification of feed safety in the international market

>> GMP+ Feed Certification scheme: Feed Safety Assurance

>> GMP+ Feed Support Products

De Molenaar

>> Welkom in de wondere wereld van diervoerproductie - Trudy van Megen, Feed Design Lab

>> Trendsessie: De Molenaar Symposium  - Jan-Henk Bouman, Wim van Rooijen,  Fountainheads

Invest in Africa

>> Moroccan poultry industry: Potentialities and prospects

>> Tunisia, a partner in the poultry sector

>> Promising Future For The Egyptian Poultry Industry

>> Poultry in Libya

Options antibiotic free poultry production

>> A new pathogen control solution optimizing feed efficiency and safety - Peter F. S. Street, Anitox

>> Antibiotic resistance in humans: where does it come from? - Marc Bonten, UMC Utrecht

>> Conditioning is a must to reduce antibiotics - Michiel Wennekers & Roy Smets, Stienen BE

>> Early feeding: the best way to start your newly hatched chick's life - Carla van der Pol, HatchTech

>> On-farm hatching - Pieter de Gouw, Vencomatic Group/Wageningen University

>> Putting bacteriologic research in practice to prevent antibiotic resistance - Wim Tondeur, DVM

>> Responsible use of antibiotics in poultry - Hetty van Beers, SDA


>> How to intensify animal production in a respectable way - Prof. E. Decuypere, KU Leuven

>> Relation Human-Animal in historical perspective - Prof. E. Decuypere, KU Leuven 

>> Poultry farming and the environment - Henk Westhoek & Hans van Grinsven, Romijn Lecture WPSA